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Our audiology experts share a passion for your complete hearing health journey, from comprehensive assessments to rehabilitative treatment. We take good care to identify and diagnose the cause(s) of your hearing problems through screening and testing processes, which tell us the type and degree of loss that is present. Then, we’ll work with you to establish a course of action to improve and prevent further hearing loss, particularly with hearing aids custom-fit and programmed just for you.


The ear is a self-cleaning organ that naturally produces cerumen, which plays an important part in protecting and lubricating the external auditory canal. However, overproduction or excess buildup can cause discomfort, pain, infection, and even hearing loss. Cerumen impaction is commonly seen in patients with hearing aids, but it’s not your fault! Our hearing care professionals can perform cerumen removal with the use or combination of manual tools, gentle irrigation methods, and wax softening agents.


Your evaluations will always be conducted with the same goal in mind: improving your hearing loss and quality of life with affordable quality solutions. Based on your hearing health history and audiogram test results, we’ll determine the type and degree of hearing loss you are experiencing and present our recommended options tailored to your unique needs. Your hearing desires will also be discussed, to help pinpoint an aid with the features that will be most beneficial to you in the long run.


To function properly, hearing aids must be custom-fitted and programmed by audiological professionals. Our team will ensure that the hearing aids are comfortable and sound as natural as possible. After any necessary adjustments, we will teach you how to insert, remove, use, clean, and maintain your new hearing tools. These devices will naturally wear down with regular use, but if they require repair at any time, don’t worry—we’ll take care of that, too.


We Accept ALL Insurances, Including:

We Accept ALL Insurances, Including:

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As one of the world’s oldest hearing aid companies, Oticon continuously offers innovative hearing loss solutions and is a good choice for first-time wearers. Each device in their extensive product lineup is created with a unique “Brain Hearing” technology in which all sounds can be heard, so the brain can filter things naturally.

Starkey was the first provider to combine hearing aids with health, wellness, and safety features, including built-in activity tracking and fall detection. Their hearing aids would particularly be beneficial to seniors who live active lifestyles, or elderly who are at-risk for falls and injuries.

Widex has set itself apart in the industry with one of the largest lines of wireless accessories available. Their hearing aids capture a wide range of sound, with accessibility to very soft sounds as well. These could also be great for wearers who may not be technology savvy.

A pioneer in the hearing aid world, ReSound was the first to master 2.4 GHz wireless technology for direct connectivity, as well as the first to create a hearing aid compatible with Apple products. Their hearing solutions are perfect for those with significant hearing difficulty in noisy or loud environments.

Thanks to modern technology and industry-leading expertise, Phonak is able to bring you the best possible solutions for your hearing needs.